Meg Ardner

A Jungian Perspective

on the Symbolism of the Medal of Honor

And the Psychology of Self Sacrifice

The Medal of Honor was established in 1861 when the country was tragically split between the Union States and Confederate States. Over time, the Medal evolved to recognize extreme acts of bravery and gallantry often including sacrificing one’s own life to save the lives of others during wartime.

In addition to exploring the history, symbolism, and archetypical meanings of the Medal of Honor, Meg will discuss what motivates individuals to sacrifice themselves to save others.

                    Meg Ardner holds an MSBA and is nearing completion of a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from the University of Maryland. She is also in training at the original C.G. Jung Institute in Switzerland. Her first seminar paper at the Institute in Zurich was a study of the symbolism of the Medal of Honor.

June 7 at 9:00 a.m

The Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit, 1624 Wooded Acres, Waco, Texas

A donation of $5.00 is requested or free for members of the Friends of Jung ($25.00 annual dues)